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About dolls

Handmade Tootootse doll with blue eyes, red hair, and a brown dress, reflecting inner emotions and creativity

What are Tootootse dolls?

Tootootse dolls are unique, handmade dolls designed to reflect emotions and help you reconnect with your inner child. Each doll is crafted with care and embodies a whimsical spirit, bringing a touch of magic and joy into your life.

Why do Tootootse dolls have no mouth or nose?

Tootootse dolls are intentionally designed without mouths or noses to symbolize universal emotions and thoughts. This design choice allows each person to project their own feelings and interpretations onto the dolls, making them deeply personal and reflective of inner emotions.

You can learn more about Totootse dolls' meaning by reading this article

Whimsical totootse doll with brown dark hair and green  eyes in brown dress designed to connect with your inner child
Unique art doll with brown hair and floral dress by Totootse

How do Tootootse dolls help connect with your inner child?

Creating and interacting with Tootootse dolls encourages you to tap into your creativity and imagination, aspects often associated with childhood. This process can be therapeutic, helping you to rediscover joy, playfulness, and a sense of wonder.

How to Keep Your Tootootse Dolls Safe

1. Protect from Water:
  - Tootootse dolls are not designed to be washed or submerged in water. 

2. Shield from Dust:
  - Store your dolls in a cool, dry place away from dust. Consider using a display case or keeping them in a sealed container when not in use. If dust does settle on them, use a soft brush or cloth to gently remove it.

3. Avoid Direct Sunlight:
  - Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the colors of your dolls to fade. Keep them in shaded areas or display them in places with indirect lighting.

4. Clean Hands Only:
  - Handle your Tootootse dolls with clean hands to prevent oils and dirt from transferring to the fabric. This helps maintain their appearance and longevity.

5. Safe Display:
  - If displaying your dolls, choose a clean, dust-free surface. Consider placing them behind glass to keep them protected from the environment while still enjoying their beauty.

totootse doll under the glass to keep her safe from dust and water
Irina Lemeshinsky the creator of totootse dolls holding her doll

Who is Behind Tootootse Dolls?

Hello! I’m Irina Lemeshinsky, the creative mind and heart behind Tootootse dolls. Since 2014, I've been dedicated to crafting these unique and enchanting dolls that reflect inner emotions and help people reconnect with their inner child.

My journey with Tootootse dolls began with a deep love for arts and crafts, coupled with a passion for creating something meaningful that brings joy to others. Each doll is meticulously handmade, embodying a whimsical spirit and thoughtful design that invites you to explore the magic within yourself.

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About Doll Making Course

Irina Lemeshinsky the creator of totootse dolls holding her doll with blonde hair and green eyes

Can I make Tootootse dolls for sale if I take the course?

The Tootootse Doll-Making Course is designed for personal use and for creating dolls as gifts for friends and family. Participants are not permitted to sell the dolls they make from the course.

What materials and tools do I need for the Tootootse Doll-Making Course?

Upon enrollment, you will receive a list of materials and tools needed, including fabric, thread, needles, stuffing, and basic sewing supplies. Detailed instructions and patterns are provided in the course materials.

totootse doll head pattern
totootse doll head, doll making process

Do I need prior sewing experience to take the course?

Basic sewing skills are recommended for the Tootootse Doll-Making Course. If you are new to sewing, the step-by-step video instructions will guide you through the process, but some familiarity with sewing techniques will be helpful.

What do the course materials include?

The course includes five downloadable PDF files:
  1. Doll Pattern
  2. Frame Pattern
  3. Dress Pattern
  4. Materials List
  5. Instructions Manual

Additionally, you will have access to comprehensive video lessons that demonstrate each step of the doll-making process.

unique crafty details of totootse doll
totootse doll frame in process

Are the video instructions easy to follow?

Yes, the video instructions are designed to be easy to follow and are language-neutral, featuring visual demonstrations without spoken words. This ensures that anyone, regardless of language, can understand and complete the steps.

How can I enroll in the Tootootse Doll-Making Course?

You can enroll in the Tootootse Doll-Making Course by visiting our website and signing up. Once enrolled, you'll gain immediate access to all the course materials and video instructions.

Charming totootse doll with pink hair, brown eyes, in green dress, reflecting inner emotions
Totootse artist doll with brown hair, brown eyes, brown dress and brown hat

How can I share my completed Tootootse dolls and provide feedback?

We love seeing your creations! Share photos of your finished Tootootse dolls on social media and tag us @TootootseMagic. Your feedback is invaluable, and you can leave comments or reviews on our website or social media pages.

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